Vid’s in-app currency and cryptocurrency make it easier than ever to earn from social media

What are Vibes?

Vibes are our in-app currency. They are given to members every day just for being part of our community. They can be used for:


Sharing with creators

Like a video, and you’re giving that creator vibes.



Anyone can get their content “featured”, raising the visibility of their memories, using vibes.



Vibes may be redeemed for VI at any time right here on our website. The redemption value is 1,000 vibes to 1 VI. VI, of course, can be converted to your local currency at any time.

What is VI?

While vibes is an in-app currency, VI is the currency that backs the Vid economy.

VI is a cryptocurrency, meaning that it’s secured by “cryptography”, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Like other cryptocurrencies, the price of VI may rise or fall depending on market demand.

You don’t have to understand cryptocurrencies, though, to use the app, earn and cash out. We’ve made it easy for anyone to do. But you can learn more here, if you want a deeper education on cryptocurrencies.

VI Token


Circulating supply

26.77M VI

Current VI price


Market Cap


Download the Whitepaper to learn more about VI’s Tokenomics. Become part of the future of social media.

How to Buy VI

How to Sell VI & Cash Out to Paypal