Vid #tags

Vid #tag NFTs

Own a Vid hashtag with an ERC-721 non-fungible token.

What is a Vid #tag?

Vid #tag NFTs are an opportunity to be the owner of a #tag on Vid. They are associated with non-fungible tokens meaning that there is only 1 owner of each #tag, they are on the blockchain. The sale of each NFT runs for 24 hours and once they are purchased they may be resold.

What do Vid #tag owners get?

Vid #tags


Vid #tag owners receive 1% of vibes that are given to any videos with the tag they own on it. If you own the tag “nature”, every time someone tags their video with “nature” you will receive 1% of the vibes given to them on that Vid. The 1% comes out of Vid’s cut, not the user’s cut.


The person who owns the tag will always be able to claim the top spot in the tag search result. Every person who searches for that tag, clicks on it somewhere else or follows that tag will see that person’s Vid first.

What is the value of a Vid #tag?

Nothing on this page constitutes financial advice. The value of a Vid #tag varies from #tag to #tag and is decided on by tag buyers in the VidTags Marketplace.

Some things that NFT holders are taking into consideration when trading Vid #tag tokens are:


How big do I think Vid will be?

The value of a vid #tag NFT (given the benefits of receiving 1% vibes on every Vid with your #tag, as well as having your Vid featured in the first spot for that tag) is likely dependent on how big Vid grows to be.


How often do I think this tag will be used on Vid?

Since the owner of a #tag on Vid receives 1% of the vibes given to Vids tagged with that #tag, speculators are considering the frequency that tag could be used on Vid.


What’s the potential value for a business to have their Vid featured at the top of this #tag?

On Google, the cost-per-click for top keywords like “lawyer” and “gambling” is between $50-$65 for 1 click.

Get your Vid #tag NFT today

I own a Vid #tag NFT. Now what?


In order to start earning 1% of vibes from your tag, and to automatically have your latest video with the tag featured at the top of that tag’s search results, you simply need to deposit the ERC-721 Token into your Vid wallet. Everything else will happen automatically. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Sign into your account at to access your wallet.

Step 2

Go to Deposit and copy address there.

Step 3

Go to the wallet where you hold your Vid #tag ERC-721 token and send it to the Deposit address for your Vid wallet that you copied in Step 2.

Step 4

Wait 1-2 hours for our system to register that you are the owner of this #tag and then you will begin receiving notifications for how much you earned from the #tag. Tag one of your Vids with the #tag you own and you will see your Vid featured first for that #tag.