Vid Community Guidelines

Vid is on a mission to create a fair and trustworthy social media company. We want people to be able to express their creativity, remember special moments of their life, build communities around shared interests and connect with their friends and family - all while being compensated for the value they provide to the platform.

We believe that social media platforms are nothing without their community. That’s why we share the value of Vid with our users and that’s also why the protection of our community, the safety of our users and the integrity of our platform is so important to us.

Our community consists of people from many diverse cultures and belief systems. We take into consideration the individual expectations, cultural norms and local regulations of people all around the world when deciding on the most appropriate guidelines for our community.

We have created these Community Guidelines to ensure that Vid remains a safe place for all who gather here. These guidelines apply to all content and interactions on Vid. We ask that you respect these guidelines and help us to uphold them. If you believe a profile, post or anything else on Vid is in violation of our community guidelines, you may report it within the Vid app.

Flagged content will be reviewed based on context, intention, commentary, and focus as well as other information such as account history.

Violations to the Community Guidelines may result in deleted content, disabled accounts, user bans or other restrictions. If a violation to community guidelines is breaking a law, we may report it to local authorities when necessary. We consider every violation on a case-by-case basis. We take into account many factors when deciding how to handle a violation, such as the severity and impact of the violation, as well as other previous violations. We do this to ensure our community guidelines are applied consistently, fairly and appropriately across the platform.

We recognize that some newsworthy, educational, artistic, or historical content, or content that raises awareness of important issues, may violate our Community Guidelines, yet still be valuable to the community. Therefore, in some instances, we may not take action against this type of content.

Vid may update these Community Guidelines at any time to meet the changing needs of our community, diminish risks and ensure that Vid remains a safe place for everyone.

I. Violent and Dangerous Behaviour

Safety is Vid's top priority, and we take violent and dangerous behaviour very seriously.

Under no circumstances may the Vid platform be used to promote killing, terrorism, or any behavior that may cause harm. Individuals or organizations that have a violent mission or partake in violent actions are not allowed to use the Vid platform for any purpose. We may ban users whose content breaches these terms and may also report it to law enforcement if we perceive a genuine risk of physical harm or a direct threat to public safety. If you believe that anyone may be in imminent danger, it is best that you reach out to your local law enforcement and make a report.

Content that falls into the following categories is strictly prohibited from the Vid platform and may result in deleted content, a deleted account, a user ban and/or a report made with relevant legal authorities:

Violent and dangerous content will be treated as a severe offence to our safe and inclusive community and handled accordingly. Exceptions may be made on rare occasions when content is newsworthy, in the public interest or meant to raise awareness.

II. Illegal Activities

Do not use Vid for any illegal activities – including but not limited to buying and selling illegal goods or services, promotion of criminal activity and/or frauds/scams. Please consider that something may be legal in your region but illegal in other surrounding regions or most of the world, in this case we ask you to please refrain from posting such content or engaging in such behaviour.

Illegal activities cover a large spectrum of acts punishable by law, including but not limited to human trafficking, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, violent extremist behaviours, money laundering, extortion, blackmailing and cybercrimes. You are required to follow the laws of your local authorities while using the Vid app. Participating in illegal activities within the Vid app may result in deleted content, a profile ban, a user ban or a report made to local authorities.

Do not post content that includes:

Violating any of the community guidelines laid out in this section may result in deleting of content, banning of account and/or reporting to local authorities.

III. Harassment, Bullying, Threats and Hate Speech

Protecting our community includes making sure that Vid users feel safe to be who they are and express themselves openly. We acknowledge that there can be lifelong psychological damage caused by bullying and harassment. For this reason, harassment, bullying, threats and hate speech are strictly prohibited from Vid.

The intention and context matters. We understand that sometimes friends joke around with these types of comments and that is acceptable. However, when comments are made out of hatred with the intent to harm another person or can be interpreted as such, we cannot allow that behaviour to persist on our platform.

Taking part in any of these behaviors may result in deleted content, an account ban, a user ban or a report made to local authorities:

Bullying, harassment, threats and hate speech may result in deleted content, permanent account ban, user ban or a report made to local authorities in extreme cases.

IV. Minor and Child Safety

The safety of children and minors is extremely important to Vid. Vid is intended for individuals ages 13 and older. If we become aware of an account that belongs to an individual under 13, that account will be banned. However, parents may choose to run an account for their children, making it clear that they are the account owner.

While we understand that parents and other individuals in a child’s life may like to share moments of that child’s life in all its authentic expression, this content may be used by other individuals in unintended ways. To protect the safety of children, absolutely no nude images of children are allowed on Vid.

Hosting or sharing of nude or partially nude content of children on Vid may result in deleting of content, banning of account, a user ban and/or reporting to local authorities.

Similarly, sharing of content that features child abuse is strictly prohibited from Vid. Any content that encourages, supports, promotes, advocates for or provides instructions for the abuse of children (physically, sexually, psychologically or otherwise) violates our community guidelines.

Do not share content that implies illegal behaviour by minors, especially sexualizing of minors, grooming of minors, minors participating in drug, tobacco or alcohol abuse or any other illegal behaviour performed by minors. Do not encourage minors to take part in illegal behaviours through your vids, comments, circles or otherwise.

When we have reason to suspect child exploitation or abuse, we report it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), in compliance with applicable laws.

V. Suicide, Self-Harm, Eating Disorders and Dangerous Acts

We strongly encourage any user considering self-harm to seek help immediately. The Vid community is a place where people come together to support and encourage each other. People facing difficult situations, such as eating disorders, self-harm tendencies and suicidal thoughts may use the platform to create awareness and find support. However, content that encourages people to participate in disordered eating, self-harm, or commit suicide has no place on Vid. People looking for hope and healing may find resources and community around these challenging situations, but we do not support the glorification or encouragement of these behaviours.

If you need help around suicidal tendencies or self-harm please seek professional help. Consider calling an emergency suicide prevention hotline, seeing a licensed therapist or reaching out to a friend or family member. Using Vid’s services is not an adequate replacement for professional help.

We also ask all Vid users to be vigilant and flag content on Vid relating to suicide or self-harm or threats of suicide or self-harm, so that we can provide resources and take actions to help keep people safe, as best we can.

VI. Sexually Explicit Content & Nudity

Some users may be comfortable sharing nudity for personal, artistic or other reasons, however in order to respect the diverse community on Vid, no nudity or sexually explicit content is allowed to be shared on Vid as this content may be offensive to certain individuals or cultures and is, in some cases, illegal. Exceptions may be made for mastectomy scars, breastfeeding and other content that is non-sexual and intended for educational, scientific, historical, artistic or documentary purposes.

Do not use Vid to post:

Accounts that violate these guidelines may have their posts deleted, account disabled, user banned and/or be reported to local authorities.

VII. Truthful and Authentic Content

Vid is a place to express yourself and share your memories. We encourage our users to create and post their own original content. You own the rights to the content that you create and share on Vid, so posting other people’s content is not allowed and may result in removal of that content from your account, banning of your account or reporting to local authorities in extreme cases.

Try to not post misleading or untrue content. While we understand that people have diverse beliefs and opinions and we encourage the sharing of those diverse beliefs and opinions, content that is posted with the intention to mislead people is not allowed.

Unauthorized copying, distribution, modification, public display, or public performance of copyrighted works is a copyright infringement, and Vid will undertake appropriate steps against repeat copyright offenders.

VIII. Spam Free

Help us keep Vid free of spam, bots and other scams by flagging this behaviour within the app immediately. Content or behaviour that seeks to artificially inflate followers, likes or accounts is prohibited. We also prohibit all attempts to manipulate Vid features and metrics for personal gain.

IX. Platform Security

Do not take part in any behaviour that threatens the Vid platform security.

This includes, but is not limited to, these behaviours that are in direct violation of our community guidelines:

Taking part in any of these activities may result in deletion of content, disabling of accounts, user bans, reporting to local authorities and other appropriate actions.

X. Closing Statement

Help us to keep Vid a safe place for all users. Flagging any content that violates community guidelines within the Vid app. If you have read over these community guidelines and believe your content has been deleted or your account banned mistakenly, please email [email protected].